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Last updated on November 1st, 2023 at 04:46 pm

If you’re considering making a public liability claim, you need to collect evidence in order to prove liability and accurately show the injuries you sustained. In this post, we will look at what evidence you should collect and how an experienced lawyer can help you with your claim.

The importance of photographs or recordings

Proving your public liability claim can be tricky as the individual or the organisation that you’re claiming against may dispute your version of events. As a result, photographs of your injuries and the scene can help back up your version of events and prove liability or negligence.

These photographs can be used to show that something hadn’t been sufficiently cleaned or tidied, or that a floor was wet without the appropriate signage. As well as photographing the scene, you should also photograph your injuries to prove the severity of them. These photographs will also be backed up by medical forms.

If possible, you should also ask for CCTV footage (if applicable), as this can show the accident unfolding and can be used to verify your version of events. 

Personal details of any witnesses

Your public liability claim will be stronger if an independent witness can verify your version of events, so if someone witnesses the accident or injury, then you should try to get their details before you both leave the accident scene.

In case you need their testimony to back up your case and prove negligence and a failure of duty of care, you should ask them for their full name, address and telephone number. Your accident lawyer can then contact them if it is deemed necessary as part of your claim.

Medical documentation and receipts

As well as proving the negligence of the individual or organisation, you also need to provide a description of the injuries you sustained and the impact they had on your life following the accident. 

The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to accurately assess your claim when liability is proven. As a result, in order to help the insurer, you should keep receipts and documents in order to prove economic and non-economic losses you suffered. This should include all correspondence with medical professionals about physical and psychological symptoms as well as rehabilitation costs.

Using an experienced law firm to help

If you instruct an accident lawyer to help with your accident compensation claim, then they can help to gather evidence on your behalf. This can be particularly helpful if you have suffered severe injuries as part of your accident and you find the information and evidence gathering process to be difficult.

A skilled accident lawyer can help you make your public liability claim as strong as possible, providing relevant advice on your chances of success before you proceed with the claim.

Strict time limits apply to accident compensation claims and the memory of a witness can fade over time. As a result, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

If you’re considering lodging an accident injury claim, then please speak to us. We can then discuss your legal rights and your case with you, ensuring that all deadlines are met along the way.