Back Injury Lawyer

It is often the case that when people are involved in an incident whereby they suffer an injury, it is commonplace for back injuries to occur. Motor Vehicle Claims It is a reality for some situations that often when people are involved in substantial motor vehicles accidents. Most often, a… Read More

Compensation for a Death of a Loved One/Relative

It is the unfortunate reality that on occasions, people have passed as a result of actions or activities undertaken at work, or as a result of a motor-vehicle accident. In these circumstances, family members/relatives of the loved one can, in certain circumstances, bring a claim as a result of their… Read More

What’s a Compulsory Conference and What Should I Expect to Happen?

The majority of public liability claims are settled out of court via settlement negotiations, as these allow both parties to avoid the stresses of trials, as well as the costs associated with them. In this post, we’ll discuss compulsory conferences, including what they are and what you can expect. What… Read More

What Evidence Should I Collect for a QLD Public Liability Claim?

If you’re considering making a public liability claim, you need to collect evidence in order to prove liability and accurately show the injuries you sustained. In this post, we will look at what evidence you should collect and how an experienced lawyer can help you with your claim. The importance… Read More