Superannuation / TPD Claims

Many people have attached to their superannuation policy a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) component and/or Income Protection (IP) cover.

If a person is unable to work, they may have a right to make a claim under the terms of their policy. This may arise in circumstances where an individual suffers an injury or illness, for any reason whatsoever and may not be caused by the fault of another person.

In some cases an individual may have a right to make 2 claims i.e. if they are injured in a motor vehicle accident they can make a claim against the CTP insurer and also a claim under their superannuation policy.

TPD Claims cover a range of accidents, injuries and illnesses. There main focus is not on what caused the medical condition but what the individuals’ ability to work in the future is like as a result of the condition.

All policies have specific wording as to the entitlement of a person to make such a claim. An individual’s policy must be carefully considered to ensure that they are entitled to make such a claim.

Generally speaking you need to be absent from work for a minimum period of 6 months before a claim can be considered. The types of injuries which are covered by these policies are far ranging and include both physical injuries and also psychological/psychiatric injuries.

We are happy to provide individuals with a free check of their entitlements to claim under any such policy. The process itself is not overly complicated however we have seen from experience that some people without being properly represented have been unable to successfully proceed with their claim in circumstances where, if handled differently, a more positive outcome may have been achieved.

Similarly in relation to Income Protection Claims it is important to ensure that the terms of the policy are carefully considered prior to proceeding with the claim.

It is therefore important to ensure you obtain expert legal advice before proceeding with a claim. It is vital to ensure the correct evidence is placed before the insurer before a determination of your claim is made.