Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane

There are many lawyers in Brisbane who practice in the area of personal injury claims. For a lawyer to practice in Queensland they must be registered and have a practicing certificate from the Queensland Law society.

The law society does recognise some lawyers as being experts in relation to personal injury claims. These solicitors/lawyers are given a special accreditation by the law society and are therefore truly recognised within the profession as being personal injury specialists.

Requirements for a Lawyer to be recognised as a Personal Injury Lawyer Specialist

The law society requires lawyers who are personal injury specialists to undertake additional training and study on an annual basis. In order for a personal injury lawyer to renew their accreditation each year they must complete additional legal training hours and must provide details to the Law society in order for their accreditation to be upheld.

They are also required to provide evidence to show that the majority of their law practice deals with personal injury claims and also that they have a number of years’ experience practicing as a personal injury lawyer Brisbane.

By adopting this practice the Queensland law society is therefore able to ensure that any lawyer that is accredited as a personal injury lawyer is therefore one that has expert knowledge of the legislation and claim processes in relation to personal injury claims.

State Based System

In Queensland there is specific legislation which deals with different types of personal injuries suffered by people in different circumstances. There is specific legislation that deals with personal injuries arising from a motor vehicle accident, personal injuries arising out of a public liability incident and personal injuries arising out of an accident at work which may be the subject of a worker’s compensation claim.

It is therefore essential for anybody suffering personal injuries as a result of an event which was caused by someone that they obtain timely and appropriate advice from a personal injury lawyer Brisbane who is specialised in practicing in the field of personal injury claims.

Seymour Furlong Lawyers

Here at Seymour Furlong Lawyers our personal injury lawyers are compensation specialists. We assist everyday people to gain access to justice which they deserve. We specialise in all areas of personal injury claims on a “no win no fee” basis.

No Personal Loans

Some personal injury firms who state that they operate on a “no win no fee” basis require clients to take out personal loans to cover legal costs and outlays. At Seymour Furlong Lawyers our clients are not required to take out any such loans.

Each client is not required to contribute anything towards their costs until the claim is finalised and then the costs which we do charge, including outlays for doctor’s report fees etc. are recovered from the insurer at the end of the matter.

Accredited Specialists – Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane

The principal of our firm, Peter Seymour is an Accredited Specialist in relation to personal injury law with the Queensland law society. As such he has extra qualifications and expertise in relation to personal injury claims and is able to provide appropriate and timely advice to his clients.