What is a Workplace Injury/Work Injury/Worker’s Compensation Claim?

In Queensland, if you suffer a work injury or workplace injury, you have a right to bring a claim known as a WorkCover claim. A WorkCover claim is generally bought against WorkCover QLD.

In some cases, usually in the bigger employers and companies, the employer is self-insured for a worker’s compensation claim. In this situation, WorkCover QLD is not the insurer for the WorkCover claim. The WorkCover claim is bought against the self-insurer.

If an individual suffers an incident or injury during the course of his or her employment, this also covers travelling to or from work, or travelling for work purposes to other premises, then they have a right to bring a WorkCover claim.

In Queensland there is no restriction on an individual’s right to bring a WorkCover claim. In each state in Australia, there is specific legislation that deals with Workplace Injury. Work injuries are looked at separately under different schemes and in Queensland, it is governed under the WorkCover QLD scheme.

If an individual is employed in Queensland but suffers injuries outside of the state, the claim may still be made under the Queensland legislation i.e., against WorkCover QLD, or the self-insurer.

It is important that people who suffer injuries at work or injuries in the workplace, or injuries during the course of their employment obtain expert legal advice as to their rights to make a worker’s compensation claim.

The Queensland Law Society recognises some lawyers as being specialists in relation to WorkCover claims. Those lawyers receive accreditation from the Queensland Law Society and this means they are required to undertake additional training and education on a yearly basis to ensure they are up-to-date with the WorkCover scheme.

It is best for people to consult a lawyer as soon as they can and as soon as possible after they have suffered an injury so as to ensure their rights are fully protected.

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