What to do if you are injured at work as a worker

You may be eligible to lodge a claim with WorkCover QLD if you have sustained an injury at work .


WorkCover is a compulsory insurance that all businesses must take out as part of being an employer. This is to ensure there is financial compensation and support via benefits due to a work-related injury or illness.

One of the first things advised is for you to seek medical attention. It is also important that you detail to the doctor the circumstances of the event which lead to your injury. You should also seek treatment and as well as rehabilitation as necessary for what you had sustained.

It is also important that you report your injury to your employer. You should do this within 30 days of being aware of your injury.

It is possible to have your medical expenses covered for by WorkCover. The vital thing is to lodge a claim to WorkCover.

“Work-related injury”

A Work-related injury is an injury that arises from work, or during the course of employment.

There are different types of injuries, of which include:

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2019) confirms that the most common types of injuries that are sustained include a sprain/strain (28%), followed by chronic joint or muscle condition (18%), and cut/open wound (16%).

Lifting, pushing, pulling, or bending were found to be the most common way for people to experience their work-injury, not to mention hitting or being hit/cur by an object or vehicle, as well as falling.

Emotional stress and psychological injury has recently become acknowledged


It is not uncommon for injured workers to fear putting in a WorkCover claim as they fear may affect their employment.

Fortunately, there is legislation in place to prevent unfair dismissal and discrimination. Specifically for Queensland, you cannot be ‘let go’ within 12 months of being injured – or because you are deemed unfit for your place of employment. In fact, they are responsible in taking proper steps to provide suitable duties at work for you, as well as rehabilitation for until you have recovered.

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