Free Compensation Lawyers Brisbane

Have you suffered personal injury in a workplace accident, motor vehicle accident or public liability accident?

All individuals should be entitled to seek legal advice about such a situation and pursue their legal rights, irrespective of financial means. If you have suffered personal injury, you should consult a specialist compensation lawyer to discuss your individual case.

STRICT TIME LIMITS APPLY! It is therefore, important that you consult with a compensation lawyer promptly after any incident that occurs.

Most compensation lawyers in Brisbane offer an initial FREE consultation to discuss whether a particular case or claim you might have arising from a particular incident, has merits.

At the free initial consultation, the compensation lawyer will make an assessment about whether your personal injury claim does have merits and will discuss with you whether it should be progressed.

Most compensation lawyers in Brisbane will also take on your claim and offer a “No Win No Fee” guarantee and the compensation lawyer will discuss this with you at your free initial consultation.

The “No Win No Fee” approach is commonly referred to as the compensation lawyer acting on a speculative basis or “spec” basis. This usually means that if you consult a compensation lawyer about your personal injury case and the compensation lawyer agrees to take on your claim on a No Win No Fee basis, you will not have to pay any legal costs unless you are successful (i.e. you obtain a monetary settlement or you are awarded damages from the court by way of a judgement in your favour).

It is vital, however, that you read and fully understand the terms of any costs agreement that you sign for a compensation lawyer to take on your claim, because compensation lawyers in Brisbane have different cost agreements and bill clients in different manners. It is essential that you are fully aware of any potential costs that you may be required to pay over the life of your claim at the very outset of your claim.

If you would like to discuss your personal circumstances arising from a personal accident you have been involved in, contact our friendly compensation team at Seymour Furlong Lawyers on (07) 3879 1644 for a free initial case assessment.