Wrongful Death Claims

Dependency and Nervous Shock Claims for family members

Losing a loved one is never an easy time for anyone, especially if it’s your family. If you have recently lost a family member as a result of a motor vehicle accident or fatal work accident, or a public liability incident, we are here to help.

As we are personal injury lawyers, we are also able to assist more than just that person who has been involved in an unfortunate circumstance.

Regardless of the place where the incident occurred – be it the at work, while driving or as passenger, or in a public place, there is potential for a claim with respect to financial and emotional compensation that a dependent or family could be eligible for. Dependents (i.e., spouses, children, defacto, or other family members) are able to bring a nervous shock or dependency claim if they had been dependent on the deceased financially or by any other means.

This would include any monetary contributions (current and future) that they would have been bringing to the household (i.e. being the main income for the family, otherwise known as breadwinner) as well as any assistance or care that was provided to the family or dependents – including but not limited to: household work or personal care.

There are strict time limits with regards with to lodging a claim, so it’s critical to know what rights you have and what you may be entitled to.

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