Compensation Lawyers Brisbane

Seymour Furlong Lawyers are compensation lawyers who specialise in personal injury claims.

Our Service

Our Brisbane compensation lawyers offer “no win, no fee” advice for people who have been involved in a variety of accidents. This includes motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents and public liability claims. We also specialise in assisting people that may have a claim under the terms of their superannuation policy in relation to total and permanent disability (TPD) claims.

We can assist you not only in relation to your injury claim, but also in relation to any associated claim, such as a property damage claim arising from a motor vehicle accident.

No Win, No Fee Guarantee

Our team of professional compensation lawyers are able to offer, to all clients, a “no win, no fee” guarantee.

We can assist you in relation to all claims for compensation. Most often, payment for treatment is needed upfront. While the compensation claim is progressing, we can assist you with obtaining a payment of treatment expenses.

Some firms who practice in Queensland as compensation lawyers require their clients to take out personal loans to cover the legal costs and outlays. At Seymour Furlong Lawyers, we do not require clients to take out any loans whatsoever. Clients are not required to pay anything towards the cost of their claim unless the matter is concluded successfully and they receive an amount of compensation. Their costs and outlays are then paid for by the insurer at the end of the matter.

We provide to all clients written details confirming these arrangements so they are there in black and white to understand prior to the claim commencing.

Clients We Act For

At Seymour Furlong Lawyers, we pursue compensation claims on behalf of individuals from various backgrounds. This includes elderly or retired people, middle aged and working class people from all types of backgrounds and claims on behalf of children who are injured.

Our Brisbane compensation lawyers specialise in assessing each claim and ensure that proper steps are taken so each individual receives the maximum amount of compensation which they are entitled to.

Quality Advice & Representation

Our compensation lawyers offer a free initial consultation to each new client. We have built a strong reputation and this ensures that each individual case is handled successfully. We treat all clients with dignity and respect and we genuinely care and seek to make a difference to ensure the best outcome is reached.

We are here to help and go the extra mile to ensure that a person’s claim is handled in a professional manner.

Our Difference

We are a small firm who offer individual care and attention to each client.

Some of the larger firms who are compensation lawyers in Brisbane tend to work in teams, and as such clients are charged for work done on their matter by multiple lawyers.

In addition to this, some of the firms may take inappropriate or unnecessary steps to ensure that the legal bill is maximised. In some cases these steps are not necessary and all they do is increase the legal bill payable by the client at the end of the matter.

All claims we handle are streamlined and as such, we only do the work which is necessary. Therefore we ensure that each individual client is only billed for the necessary legal work and as such our fees are lower than those charged by the bigger firms.

We can provide to you each compensation lawyers individual email and mobile phone number so that we are always accessible to answer your questions when they arise.