Compensation Claims – How much are they worth?

In Queensland, there are a number of schemes which regulate and control a person’s rights and entitlements to make a claim for compensation.

Compensation from a car accident

The Motor Accident Insurance Act regulates claims that arise as a result of a motor vehicle accident. This is covered by the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer of the vehicle at fault.

Statistics are maintained by the Motor Accident Incident Commission (MAIC) with respect to the number of claims bought.

Those statistics show that, on average, 60-70% of claims relate to some form of spinal injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

They also show that the average payout for a claim is in the range of $60,000 to $70,0000. The scheme covers both relatively minor injuries through to catastrophic claims.

In relation to claims lodged, approximately 15 to 20% would fall into the minor category. Of those claims lodged, approximately 50% include a component for income loss either past or into the future.

The scheme covers both people who are passengers or drivers of other vehicles not at fault. It also covers cyclists and pedestrians, including those involved in hit-and-run accidents, or accidents with vehicles which are unregistered, and therefore do not hold CTP insurance at the time.

Work accidents

The scheme which covers work accidents in Queensland is the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act.

In Queensland, the scheme is one of the healthiest in the country. It provides a balance and a fair system whereby workers’ rights are protected and employers are also protected, provided they have a safe and fair system of work.

It serves all workers as protection to ensure that employers do not provide them with an unsafe system of work. Provided employers adhere to standards and provide a safe system, then they are not penalised.

The scheme covers both relatively minor incidents right through to catastrophic claims. Quite a large percentage of workers return to work, however, they still have a right and can pursue a claim for damages even though they have returned to their work following the incident.

In terms of the amount of compensation paid for work accidents, this again varies depending on the seriousness of the injury.

The average claim payout, as noted by the Workers’ Compensation regulator, exceeds $100,000.

Claims can be made in circumstances where a worker is killed. In those circumstances, claims can be made by dependents of the deceased worker.

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