Brisbane Injury Lawyers

Accidents and their consequent injuries can occur in many forms. You might be involved in a motor vehicle accident, a workplace accident or a public liability accident, and sustain injury(s).

Accidents can occur at your workplace, on your way to and from work (either in the car or in some other form) and in various private and public areas including domestic and rental premises, shopping centres, in parks, on footpaths, at schools and at recreational/leisure parks.

The types of injuries that you might see or sustain from an accident can also vary greatly and can include fractures, bruising or soft tissue injuries, whiplash injuries, orthopaedic injuries (such as meniscal tears to the knee), neurological injuries (palsy), brain injuries, psychological/psychiatric injuries, broken teeth and burns.

If you sustain an injury in a motor vehicle, workplace or public liability accident, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident and report your symptoms and injuries to your doctor. It is important that you keep your doctor updated on your injuries.

It is also important that you document your recollection of the accident, obtain any evidence of the accident scene (for example, by taking photographs of where the accident took place) and that you retain the police report number (if any) after a motor vehicle accident.

You should consult an injury solicitor after attending your specialist/doctor about treatment, and once you have evidence of the accident and scene to hand. It is important to kick the claim process off promptly after an accident as motor vehicle, workplace and public liability claims are all governed by certain legislation and procedures that must be strictly followed.

STRICT TIME LIMITS do apply to commence claims as well, so it is important to see an injury solicitor as soon as possible after any accident. The injury solicitor can discuss with you at the initial case consultation whether your particular case has merits and is worth pursuing.

The injury solicitor may ask you certain questions during the initial consultation about the accident, your injuries and treatment, about your medical history and your employment situation and history. These queries will assist the injury solicitor to determine what legal avenues and options are available to you and that may arise out of the accident. The information you provide about your medical and employment history will also assist the injury solicitor to work out what type of damages you could claim and the amount you potentially could claim as a result of the accident.

At Seymour Furlong Lawyers, we offer a “No Win No Fee” guarantee which means we take on your case and you will not have to pay any legal costs (professional fees and disbursements included) unless you are successful in your claim (i.e. you obtain a monetary settlement or you are awarded damages from the court by way of judgment in your favour).

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