Behind The Scenes

A little about Peter

As you may know, Peter Seymour is a personal injury lawyer who has practiced in Queensland for over 25 years! Proof of this is in his experienced hands – as an award. He was awarded for his service by the Queensland Law Society.

He has lived in Brisbane his entire life! Apart from some trips overseas, Peter has settled in Kenmore with his family of 4.

Other than being lawyer, husband, and father, Peter has interests in football, cricket, and travelling overseas.

… And a little about the rest of us!

Susan – Executive Assistant

Mickey-Mouse inspired wreath by our Crafty Queen!

A mother to 2 doggies and 2 kitty-cats, she also loves being crafty and even made a wreath inspired by Mickey Mouse!

Susan has worked in the personal injury field for quite a number of years after arriving in Australia from her home in England.

Winnie – Personal/Legal Assistant

Her experience in the compensation law extends to when Seymour Furlong was still Stockley Furlong!

Winnie enjoys team building exercises and getting things done the right way the first time.

Beckie – Vietnamese Liaison Officer/Paralegal

Our Vietnamese-English speaking paralegal has much experience in assisting our Vietnamese clients with personal injury and TPD matters with the language barrier.

Beckie has worked with our firm for over ten years and enjoys working in the TPD/Superannuation area.

When she isn’t working hard at the office, she loves spending time with her daughter and doing charity overseas, and enjoys her involvement in the Vietnamese community.

Vi – Legal Secretary/Marketing Coordinator

Our bubbly Vietnamese-English speaking Commissioner for Declarations (C. Dec) at Seymour Furlong, Vi also pursues tertiary studies in the fields of Psychology and Criminology.

She also lends a helping hand with interpretation and translation in Vietnamese when we get busy!