Back Injury Lawyer

It is often the case that when people are involved in an incident whereby they suffer an injury, it is commonplace for back injuries to occur.

Motor Vehicle Claims

It is a reality for some situations that often when people are involved in substantial motor vehicles accidents. Most often, a whiplash type of injury is caused as a result of a motor vehicle accident. This can often cause issues in relation to a person suffering from a neck or back injury.

A back injury is something which can be extremely painful and difficult to deal with. It is an unfortunate situation that can last sometimes for many months, years or even permanently.

It is sometimes a difficult injury to treat, and even though some relief may be obtained from some treatment, it can reoccur.

It is important that if you do suffer an injury, for you to consult a lawyer to protect your rights. A lawyer should be engaged by people who suffer injuries as early as possible. The reason for this is that they can help the injured person access rehabilitation needs and costs. The lawyer can ensure that the insurers agree to fund the rehabilitation and treatment as an ongoing matter, even though the claim is still being progressed. This enables people to obtain treatment in a timely manner so as to ensure that they give themselves the best chance of recovery.

Work Accident

It is often the case that you do suffer a back injury as a result of an incident at work. When this happens, you have an immediate right, in most cases, as to putting in a WorkCover claim. Injured people, during the course of their employment, should lodge a WorkCover claim as soon as they can. Once the claim has lodged, WorkCover will generally agree to fund all treatment and also pay for any time off work which the injured person needs.

An injured worker should always seek advice from a specialist lawyer to assist them in pursuing a claim.

The WorkCover legislation has a number of provisions and procedures which need to be adhered to and steps taken, in order to proceed with a claim. It is therefore strongly recommended that if you do suffer an incident at work and have ongoing issues, that you consult a lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

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