Accident Lawyer

Accident Lawyer

Do I need an accident lawyer?

If you are involved in an accident, often you have legal rights. If an accident is caused by the negligence of another person, then you may have rights to make a claim for compensation. An accident lawyer can help you with such a claim.

An accident lawyer typically assists clients in relation to motor vehicle accidents, accidents at work, or WorkCover accident, and public liability accidents. An accident lawyer generally handles the claim from start to finish and conducts all negotiations in relation to any proposed settlement.

Role of the accident lawyer

An accident lawyer, once engaged by a client, takes over the conduct of any claim from start to finish. His or her role in the claim is quite specialised, and it is important to ensure that people obtain expert advice from a suitably qualified lawyer.

Generally, the accident lawyer would lodge the initial claim, including the Notice of Claim, then look at assisting the injured person with any treatment needs they may have. We would then look at negotiating a settlement with the relevant insurer.

Often, it may be some time after an accident until an injured person’s injuries are stable and stationary, and that the full extent of the injuries are known before settlement is reached.

Accident lawyers in Queensland

Each state in Australia has specific legislation or laws relating to accident claims. In Queensland, the claims process is different in comparison to New South Wales or Victoria, or any other state. As such, it is  vital to ensure that any person who is looking at using an accident lawyer must ensure that the accident lawyer is an expert in claims under the Queensland regime.

Should you require assistance from an accident lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us as our accident lawyer specialises in claims for all Queenslanders where they had suffered an injury in the state of Queensland or outside. Our accident lawyer is available to talk anytime, and is also happy to provide an initial consultation free of charge.